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    July 04, 2020
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  • Dispatch


    Effective October 20, 2014


    Upon becoming unemployed*, all applicants will sign in on the proper Referral Book IN PERSON.

    Hours to sign the out-of-work list are between 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MONDAY through FRIDAY, excluding Holidays.

    ·        Please fill out the sign-in sheet, time stamp the sign-in sheet with the time clock, and place the sign-in sheet either at the basket at the front desk or the basket at the dispatch window if the dispatcher is in.

    ·        Please remember to fill in all of spaces including your last employer and termination date.

    *The definition of unemployed is "not working in the electrical industry."


    Dispatch hours are 8:00 a.m. for job calls, excluding emergencies. You must sign the day before 8:00 a.m. to be eligible to take a call that day.

    The Business Manager is responsible to fill calls in a timely manner as needed by employers.  This means in an emergency, referral may have to be made outside normal hours using whatever means are available to fill calls and place registrants.

    An individual must have all of his/her certification(s) at the time of dispatch.


    In order to remain current on the referral list, an applicant must re-sign, In person, e-mail, fax or by mail, between the 10th and 16th of each month from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. When the 16th of the month falls on a weekend or a holiday, it shall be moved to the next business day.

    Failure to follow this procedure may cause you to lose your place on the out-of-work list.

    An individual that is on the books for a year or more must re-sign in person at least once in 12 months of their sign in date.

     The exceptions to re-signing would be proof of Jury Duty, Military Duty, or Picket Duty.

    To re-sign by e-mail the address is re-sign@ibewlu302.com This is the only e-mail address to be used. When e-mailing your re-sign form, all of the information on the fax form must be included.


    Upon receiving a dispatch, you must have proof of California State Certification, a State issued photo I.D. and a Social Security Card or birth certificate.  A Passport will cover all of the above proofs of identification.  If you do not have these forms of identification you may be turned around at the jobsite.  You will not receive two hours Show-Up Pay and you will not retain your position on the book.


    An applicant who is referred to an Employer, and through no fault of his/her own receives an eighty (80) hour or less call shallupon re-registration, be restored to his/her appropriate place on the out-of-work list.  On such short calls, any overtime worked will not be counted towards the eighty-hour maximum.

    "Rolling Short Calls" When a short call is filled, the next day's short call will begin with the person who was after the previous day's short call that was filled.

    Re-sign after a short call may be done by phone.  Members must call between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. of the day following being laid off.


    Registrants will be allowed two (2) turndowns without penalty and will be rolled to the bottom of the book for the third (3) turndown.  The exception to a refusal of a job opportunity would be residential, maintenance work or specialty calls - i.e. welder-instrument technician.  Applicants may also register with the dispatcher for a "No Refinery" exemption.  This exemption will become with dispatch the following day and may be removed at anytime, after taking a long call long call.  Each time you sign the books you will have to re-sign an exemption form to stay on or remove your name from the exemption list.

    Any person that takes a short call will have their strikes removed, if they have any at the time of dispatch.

    There shall be no strikes for short calls.


    Members placing their name on the book under "disability" must do so within one week of the injury.

    Any applicant who goes on vacation while on the out-of-work list must register with the dispatcher.          

    An applicant may register for only one week in any one unemployment period.

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