IBEW Apprenticeship Benefits

Contra Costa County Electrical Apprenticeship Program Applications

Why become an apprentice and what does it entail?

Earn while you learn! Local 302 apprentices gain on the job training in parallel with classroom work.  Unions increase the skill level of their members by providing free high quality apprenticeship programs and journeyman upgrade classes.

There are two ways to become a part of IBEW local 302’s apprenticeship program through the Inside Wireman’s Apprenticeship and the VDV Sound & Communications Apprenticeship. See below for more information.

Inside Wireman Apprentice Application Announcement

Sound & Communication Apprenticeship Applications

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Apprenticeship Agreement

Apprenticeship requires a signed agreement between you and the IBEW-NECA, which ensures free quality training both on the job and in the classroom. As an apprentice you literally earn while you learn. As you advance through your training, you will receive predetermined pay increases. In signing an apprenticeship agreement, you commit to participate in classroom related training as well as on the job training.

What would you rather have?

Empty promises or a defined program?

Makeshift classes or a nationally recognized curriculum?

Promised raises that never come or guaranteed periodic advancement?

Minimum health coverage or high-quality health care and a guaranteed retirement? 

If you’re looking for a meaningful career in the electrical construction industry – one that builds character and pride and offers a bright future – apply today to the IBEW NECA Sound and Communications Apprenticeship program. For more information on other opportunities check out Electrical Training Programs.