Benefits of partnering with IBEW 302

Frequently Asked Questions

Employment duration is based on your individual job needs. 

Just like in an open shop environment, there will be times when not all workers are the best fit for the job. But, working with IBEW Local 302 makes finding the right fit a lot easier. Send the person back to the hall and a new person will be sent in their place. However, due to IBEW Local 302 members’ commitment to the work, increased training and benefits, the likelihood of this is greatly reduced when using Local 302 electricians.

The IBEW is not in the contracting business—you are.

You will need to sign an agreement in that jurisdiction. After signing an agreement in that jurisdiction, you will have the ability to take your supervision to that project. As an IBEW contractor signed with that Local you will have access to local workers saving money on travel costs.

Yes, it’s your company. You will always make the decision on who works for your company.

No. We work for you. You will have greater control by spending less time on employee issues and more time developing and running your business.

Becoming a signatory contractor allows your existing employees to join IBEW Local 302 as journeymen, or enter as an apprentice with the ability to receive the training needed to reach journeyman status.