If you are signing the out of work list, it must be done in person at the Hall. 

**If you are working in another jurisdiction (not your home Local), call your home Local to verify that you are in ERTS!

Latest Available Jobs

The following information is a courtesy and should be verified by calling the Job Hotline                   at 925-228-2302 between 6 pm – 7am prior to the 8am dispatch.

The 20 Hour High Hazard Training can be scheduled by calling the OSCA Office at (925) 335-5000.   If you are an IBEW 302 Member, call (925) 228-2302 to schedule.

If you are looking to take a call & you are not an IBEW member, please contact Julian Vinatieri by email @ julianv@ibewlu302.com. Your first step will be the email and then Julian will contact you. 

Short Call Starts at #1 Jeffrey Jones 10/02/2023 The Last call went to #85 on Book-2
Re-Sign is the 10th through the 16th of the month. These are the calls for Tuesday October 3rd 2023 Check Recorder and Website after 5pm!!
RosendinSan Ramon Bishop Ranch Chevron Ti Project 3JIWLONGWorking 5/8's Monday-Friday 6am-2:30pmNO10/4/2023CA State Cert Required, Leather Work Boots, Please have Two Valid forms of ID when you report to jobsite. You will take call Tuesday the 3rd and will report to jobsite on Wednesday the 4th at 6am.
NewtronMartinez Marathon Refinery3JIW / Instrument TechLONGDAYS 5/8’s base, Mon-Saturday 7am-5:30pm,(60hrs)NO10/03/2320 Hour Hi-Haz Training, Clean Shaven, Safety Toe Boots w/ notched heel. Any State license or ET card accepted. Must have EPRI Level 2, ISA Level 1... or verifiable Tech History/experience. Other specialized credentials considered. Please inquire within about this position if interested.Tech wage paid per Refineries MLA parameters.

Re-Sign Forms

Online/E-Mail Re-Sign Form – Complete during Re-Sign (10th-16th) ONLY 

For your convenience we have developed an online re-sign form that you can fill out (only during re-sign which is the 10th-16th) every month. Fill out the form below completely and hit the submit button. You will receive an email confirming your submission and one with the information you submitted. If you are unable to complete the form online please click the “Download Fax/Mail in Re-Sign Form” button below.

Re-Sign Form


NOTE: If you have been on the books for one year, you will have to re-sign in person on or before your twelfth month.